About Us

SEVOK PRAYAS FOUNDATION is a contended rehabilitation facility where clients are treated with care and concern. It was established in February 2008, as a 10-bed facility. Today, it has grown to 25 beds. Sevok Prayas Foundation has earned an international reputation for its commitment, ethical standards and professional approach toward effective treatment of addictions.

Today, we are catering to clients from different parts of the world; such as Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, USA and all over India.

In a country with few treatment facilities and lack of guidelines and prescribed standards, Sevok Prayas Foundation has pioneered and benchmarked standards and protocols.

Sevok Prayas Foundation model is based on the famed ‘Minnesota’ model initiated in USA. The treatment aims at total abstinence achieved through the Twelve Steps program. The 12-Steps treatment model has been approved as one of the ‘most effective treatment for addictions’.

Sevok Prayas Foundation's approach is holistic: addressing the physical, psychological, emotional, social and spiritual areas toward total recovery. It also incorporates traditional Indian elements such as Yoga and meditation.

The facilities are comfortable with modern amenities and backed by competent medical and psychiatric resources.

A substantial number of the therapy team consists of recovering alcoholics and addicts: those who have traveled the road, experienced the pain of addiction and the joys of recovery. This lends an unmatched touch of empathy and identification to the therapy process.

Moreover, the counseling team undergoes regular skills-development programs and several members are enrolled in online educational programs.

Facilities Provided :

  • Furnished, AC & Non-AC Spacious Rooms

  • Bathrooms with Hot / Cold water

  • Air-Conditioned Class Room cum Recreation Room

  • Indian Veg / Non-Veg Food

  • Indoor & Outdoor Games Such as Table-Tennis,      Volley-Ball, Carrom-Board & TV etc.

  • Free Laundry Service

  • Expert Medical / Psychiatric back-up

  • Family Counseling

  • In House AA/NA Meetings

  • Clean & Serene Environs


SEVOK PRAYAS FOUNDATION's approach is holistic - addressing the physical, mental, emotional, interpersonal and spiritual areas for recovery. At SEVOK PRAYAS FOUNDATION, clients are gradually taught to lead a disciplined and healthy lifestyle through an intensive schedule including yoga, meditation, therapy classes, daily moral inventory, Group Discussions, management of feelings, group / individual counseling, 12-step work, regular attendance at in house AA / NA meetings and recreation. All this is backed by expert medical and psychiatric services with regular updates to family.
The Recovery Program is a structured process with clearly defined protocols to address individual issues through various stages of recovery and is based on proven methodologies of addiction counseling and rehabilitation. The staff reviews each case on a daily basis and evolves individual strategies.


  • Treatment based on the WHO- approved 12 steps program

  • A requirement for counselors to be in recovery themselves - thereby lending clients personal experience and hope

  • A comprehensive recovery program for affected families

  • An abstinence driven program - commitment to long-term sobriety

  • Centers are a home - not an institution (comfortable and caring environs)


SEVOK PRAYAS FOUNDATION is concerned and committed to the cause of addictions in the community at large and conducts regular awareness programs.


Sevok Prayas Foundation ensures its staff is up-to-date and highly motivated. The staff members attend regular in-house education programs. Most of the staffs are all recovering alcoholics / addicts having a vast and personal experience in the subject. This not only helps understand the patients thoroughly but also helps them provide the exact kind of treatment.


Sevok Prayas Foundation is located in the base of Darjeeling hills - with pollution-free and serene environs of North Bengal, at Siliguri - West Bengal (India). It is in close proximity to various major corporate hospitals and psychiatric institute. Siliguri is a modern, tourist-friendly city, well connected by road, rail and air to the rest of the country. It has high quality and economical medical facilities.